qoob - space in space apartment

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qoob - the modular and mobile apartment for space in space housing.
The design is based on room conversion of disused premises.

and maybe some futuristic urban development...

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Architecture Model of Potsdam Drewitz

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Wooden Architecture Model of Potsdam Drewitz made of birch, cherry and african Padouk with replaceable blocks to show urban development. 

M 1:750

Client: ProPotsdam

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A heart for alternative house projects

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Guys from Kollektiv KOPFGEMACHT are supporting some social and alternative house projects...   in their continuous mood of crafts:  " ...it just because you can feel it by your own body that you've done something"                                                                                                                  

Some projects are published here. 




  FH Potsdam, since 2015


CASINOTOPIA was planned in 2015 and realized during 3 months in 2016... respect to the crew of CASINO AG and VivaElCampus of FH Potsdam!!!

All work is voluntary CASINO FHP, VivaElCampus and kindly supported by many other companies: 


CasinoTopia is a temporary replacement building for the legendary CASINO Club in Potsdam, which is under rehabilitation since the beginning of 2016


  FH Potsdam, since 2007, est. in 1993


 CASINO (est. 1993) is one of the most legendary Student Clubs ever. The building was squated in the early 90s and every generation left one's mark. The DIY ambient is in the style of post sovjet and bulky item. Guys from KOPFGEMACHT and TRIPPER are supporting the project since 2007. They made artworks, different furniture and the heart of the club: the bar (with crafted special bricks too).

All work is voluntary by CASINO AG and kindly supported by ASTA FH-Potsdam .


(3 photographs above by Garthoff)


  Neuruppin, since 2014

Truss reconstruction with subsequently completion of the interior for the punk community in Neuruppin Germany. The JWP - Mittendrin Association bought this old main station and converted it into a community living and project space for refugees, punks and other alternative people.

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Ein Spaziergang im Wald

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Neues Portrait

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Hallo zusammen und ein schönes Wochenende,

auf meiner Facebook-Seite findet ihr das Ergebnis aus dem letzten shooting, schaut mal vorbei.

LG aus Bayern

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Kindred Spirits - Higher EP-Cover Artwork

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Album Art for Kindred Spirits New EP "Higher" (Genre: UK Garage)
Link: Soundcloud

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Neues Portrait

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Hallo Freunde der Fotografie,
Ich hab auf meinem >> FACEBOOK-ACCOUNT << ein neues Portrait hochgeladen, schaut doch mal vorbei und lasst ein Kommentar da.


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Antlers Chandelier

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Architectur modeling for clients

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Professional material and composition research template for architecture modeling.

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Poly2 - Minimalistic table by KOPFGEMACHT

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Inspired by minimalism and the structural analysis it will communicate compactness but win over with lightness. all parts are self-explanatory in their function.

Poly 2 is a coffee table. It consist of three parts. two identical bases made of steel bars and one wooden top. 100 cm x 120 cm and 40 cm high the steel bar construction are just fixed to the top. So everything gets its stability because of its own weight.


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Asako Tokitsu at O&O Depot Berlin

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Asako Tokitsu exhibition at O&O Depot in Berlin.
Artistic Assistance by KOPFGEMACHT


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C-Linie - Comic Glass Furniture by DePiorr and Tripper Art

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Printed glass furniture designed by dePiorr and artwork by Atelier TRIPPER


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